• Gastrointestinal medicine
  • Thoracic medicine
  • Urology / cystoscopy
  • Endoscopy scheduling
  • Digital image capture
  • Web-based report browser
  • PAS interfaces
  • Export to EPRs
  • Fully HL7 compliant
  • Interactive and intuitive workflow

About Endoscript

Endoscript Endoscopy Solution was developed in close collaboration with endoscopy experts to create a user-friendly tool that gives you peace of mind. It makes sure that your facility is always executing best practices and empowers you to do more with the resources you have.

The software is flexible and configurable to support your unique workflow needs. Unparalleled quality management tools and the ability to achieve full traceability of your procedures and endoscopes make Endoscript Endoscopy Solution the most useful tools on the market to manage your endoscopy department.


User Friendly

The software is flexible and configurable to support your unique workflow needs.

Image Capture

Capturing Pictures and Videos in FULL HD format (1920×1080).

Good Optimization

Software that is fast and intuitive to use

Discharge summary

Turns button clicks into paragraphs and sentences


Transmit reports automatically to EPRs


Computerises the process of booking patients

Dedicated to improving the performance of the medical fraternity


The GI Reporting Tool is Endoscript’s signature product.  The basic tool covers OGD (oesophogastroduodenoscopy), ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography), colon/sigmoidoscopy and proctoscopy.  There are add-ins for EUS – both OGD and HPB (hepatobiliary), and antegrade and retrograde enteroscopy.

Thoracic medicine

This information is recorded in strategic high level hospitals cancer systems, but the module still much in demand is included in the software and can be expanded with add-ins that include EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound) and thoracosopy.


The cystoscopy module is the main product supporting urology clinics. The clinical history and examination can be recorded in advance of the cystoscopy being carried.

The people who have trusted us so far

Can do a report in minutes and I think all concerned are quite impressed with the accuracy and layout of reports.

Kameron Heaton

It is simple to use and provides all the features and reports required for procedures. It has all the elements I need for an accurate and comprehensive report. There is nothing really that I don’t like.

John Dotson


Why choose Endoscript?

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This success is down to the intuitive products being aimed first and foremost for endoscopists.  They are always fighting against time and need to prepare their reports quickly and without…

Export to EPRs

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The Export utility allows endoscopy reports and discharge summaries to be sent back to Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems.  This is an alternative to being able to view them over…

Digital image capture

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The Digital Image Acquisition Kit integrates seamlessly into Endoscript’s GI, Cystoscopy and Bronchoscopy Reporting Tools, adding endoscopy image handling to these products. The key features are: software that is fast…

Endoscopy scheduling

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The Scheduler adds major value to busy endoscopy units that rely on A4 page-day diaries and the intimate knowledge that booking clerks have of the unit’s operation.  Put simply, it…


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